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Is this the last of summer? I hardly knew ya!

Circus Tents (SOLD)

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Worn Tiles, Fleur-de-lis and Blue-Greens

Mediterranean Artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Why do you have to have all this stuff in your studio asks my husband?  Well, actually "stuff" is not the word he uses.

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My One and Only Summer Job

Childhood Memories Influence My Work

Have you been watching Bravo's Work of Art?  It's the ONLY show on television in the last 10 years at least where I do absolutely nothing while watching it.  No knitting, no flipping through a magazine, no talking, no eating, no beading...nothing. &nb

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I'm now a Certified Handmade Artisan on ArtFire!


ArtFire recently opened up their application process for becoming a Certified Handmade Artisan.  To apply all of your items must be handmade by you.  You also have to send in a photo of your main studio space and a work in progress.  Within a week of my application I heard the wonderful news

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My Genius Looks Like a Forest Fairy

Going Further North for Fish


A friend from my husband's college days and his wife went with us on our BC fishing adventure this year.  Although there were disadvantages in going earlier than last year, like being woken up at 4am, we did bring home the amount of salmon, halibut and ling cod that we'd hoped for.  We catch only enough to e

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Earring Giveaway Winner!

Odds were darn good for those who entered my Ginger Jar earring giveaway!  ....and the winner is:Miriam, the very first entry!  She will be selecting a color from my stash and creating her own personal pair.  Thank you to those who entered and loved them.

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Can all this attention be good? Hope so!

Ginger Jar earrings by Honey from the Bee

Be sure to read on down to the bottom of this post, as I'm offering a Giveaway!!

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What's Your Name, Dahling?


The naming of our shops can be lots of fun or a decision that causes more torment than naming our child or pet. We want it to be memorable, one that represents our shop's offerings, and is just plain perfect. Once picked you know it's best to never change it.  A

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