NOTE:  Until I have a way for folks to leave reviews I've started a page where I can add them when I receive them from purchases made from my personal website.  I still maintain a presence on Etsy so I'll include a link to the reviews received there.  I highly recommend you purchase from my website though, as prices on Etsy are reflective of higher costs due to middleman.

What my customers are saying:

"Exquisite Rose and Flower Jasper Necklace.  I love it.  This is museum quality and will be a family heirloom.  Janet is a very gifted and talented artist.  Her designs are stunning.  I am so happy with this purchase and I will be a repeat customer.  Janet is kind, caring and wonderful to work with.  I highly recommend purchasing from her beautiful creations."  Carolynn, Burton OH

Wildflower Jasper, vintage buckle, sterling silver pendant


"...In any event I amazed with what you have created!  I never would have thought of tying your design into my Finnish lineage and you really nailed it.  It has a very definite Nordic look to it, rough hewn and bold.  I realize now that anything 'fussy' would not work for an uncut stone in natural matrix.  I'm especially pleased and surprised to be able to see the finished (no pun intended) product.  I don't remember if I told you the origin was an abandoned emerald mine in western North Carolina.  That area is mineral rich and as a family we went on a lot of rock hunting expeditions.  I have a star sapphire ring from a chatoyant sapphire stone I found.  Now I have the dilemma of deciding which of my daughters to give it to.  I may just keep it awhile to personally enjoy it."  Jim, Sequim, WA

Emerald in matrix set in sterling silver wire pendant necklace