The Floral Prints of Agatized Fossil Coral

November 03, 2023
Agatized Fossil Coral pendant in orange and grey

Canyon Sunset 

Barite Rose and agatized fossil coral artisan necklace


One of my favorite gemstones to work with is agatized fossil coral due to its flower patterning and the many colors in which it can be found.  What is agatized fossil coral?  The gemstone was formed when prehistoric reef-building corals were slowly replaced with agate which is silica rich.  The process can take over 20 million years.  Other minerals contained in the water determine the colors that appear.  Although it's found in Florida and Georgia, the most unique ones are found in Indonesia.


Agatized Fossil Coral pendant in brown and cream



Agatized fossil coral, vintage brass button


Agatized Fossil Coral pendant in orange and brown



Agatized fossil coral in glass bead embroidery, sunstone with brass ring


Agatized fossil coral in purple and cream


Island Time

Agatized fossil coral with found shell and tourmaline


Mother of pearl with red gemstone earrings



Agatized fossil coral with vintage mother of pearl buttons


Lavender and Silver earrings



Agatized fossil coral with sterling silver and crystal


Autumn pendant with Agatized Fossil coral



Agatized fossil coral in sterling silver


"Lamps are different, but light is the same."  Rumi


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