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Male Robin with babies in nest

Taken May 26th

It's been a couple of weeks since I was left with an empty nest, but the lesson my Robin Mom (or is that Dad?) taught me is still with me.

Shortly after we moved in to our new home we found a Robin's nest in our gutter.  We saw it as good luck and hoped to watch them all take off safely.  We had no idea how quickly that happens!

Baby Robins in nest

Taken May 26th

Mom and Dad Robin worked tirelessly from sun up to sun down gathering earthworms from our yard.  They'd get the worm then land on our garage roof to scan for predators before taking the worms to their chicks.

Male Robin watching nest from top of house

Baby Robins outgrowing nest

Taken May 27th

A few mornings later I went and checked on our robin's nest and found that all but one of the fledglings had already left the nest!  You can tell that there really wasn't room for more than one any way.

 Last baby robin in nest

Taken May 30th!

He tried to gather the courage to take the leap since no one was around to keep him company.

Baby Robin gaining courage
Baby Robin ready to leave nest

But alas he just couldn't gather the courage.  I watched as he hunkered back down and laid his head against the gutter and tweeted softly.

Baby robin not ready to fledge

I was worried and wondered what to do.  But then a moment truly heart warming occurred.  Mom (or Dad) returned with some encouragement.  Tears brought on by anxiousness turned to joy!

Mother Robin comes back to nest

The battery in my camera took that moment to say it needed recharging and by the time I got back with my camera and a new battery, five minutes tops!, the fledgling had left the nest and was presumably happy in the bushes with his siblings nearby. 

Sometimes courage grows exponentially with support from our family and friends.  It's the belief in us that we see in their eyes.  It's knowing that if we fall they'll be there to lift us up.  When I think back through my life I remember school teachers, a minister, Aunts, Uncle, brothers, friends and my parents who have provided me that extra encouragement that made all the difference.  I am grateful for them and the grace they were given to see when it was needed.

I hope I have given that support when needed and know that I will be even more aware to be there for those who don't quite see they CAN do it.

Who in your life has provided that support that enabled you to reach new heights?  


Oh this was so wonderful

Oh this was so wonderful Janet, and you have certainly been there for me!! xo

Janet, very beautifully

Janet, very beautifully stated.

What an inspirational story!

What an inspirational story! I love the photos to go with it, too.

What an increrdible story

What an increrdible story Janet! So beautiful and touching...I am very grateful to many people who have inspired me when I just couldn't see it. It reminds me that I need to share that more often as well.Bless you for sharing,Audrey

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