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Must be Almost Harvest Time

Male Moose

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Kiss the Frogs - Third's a Charm

Leap of Faith (left)

It's a Frog's Life (upper right) SOLD

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American Beauty - Royston Turquoise Cabochon becomes Wearable

Royston Turquoise(natural from Nevada)

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Kelp Forest of Monterey Bay Inspires Silver and Chrysocolla Pendant

Monterey Bay Kelp Forest

Kelp Forest, Monterey Bay

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Will it Go Round in Circles

Bold Colorful Statement Necklace

Circulo de la Vida

Fordite, lampwork, brass chain, waxed linen


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Break from Tradition Blog Hop - Spikes prove to be a Challenge

Where some may see bat ears when given black howlite spikes, I saw bee stingers!  Bees are my story.
Howlite Spike Artisan Necklace

New Earrings Inspired by Tornados

Update on Where to Buy Honey from the Bee Jewelry

Although there was so much about ArtFire that I loved as an online venue for my jewelry I've decided to focus on my Etsy shop.  My ArtFire shop will be closing as soon as I can disengage some time today.
It seems the Google shopping engine doesn't like you to have pieces shown in two places so I was essentially reducing my chances of coming up in a search any way.
When I first started online I had my own Yahoo!

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