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Loralee Kolton - safety pin brooch

Loralee Kolton


When artists are stressed, troubled, frightened... we often turn to our art to express how we're feeling, do some good, and just let out those feelings being in our happy place.  Political art has been around probably as long as politics and art have existed:  1000s of years.

By now most everyone has heard of how those that support diversity, regardless of political views, in the United States can display that love via a safety pin.  It's not about the wearer as much as about those that are finding comfort in solidarity or a safe person in case of abuse or fear of impending violence.  (You can google to read about actual history and more!)

Safety Pin - Heidi Kingman

Heidi Kingman

"Express your heart. Reach out in love, peace and unity. No malice. No judgment. Just love for all humanity."


There's been a backlash by some that say what good is it actually doing about reversing racism, religious bigotry, or any other type of harrassment of others because they are different.  They're calling it slacktivism.  As if we needed another "ism" to worry about!

Safety Pins - Katie H

Katie Hanrahan

(copper on top; metal clay on bottom, but  not fired yet)

Katie will be selling the metal clay ones with charms.

The copper one will be free with donation to the ACLU.


If there's one thing we've learned this past year it's that there's not one thing one can do or say without it being disagreed upon or criticized.  Not everyone is an activist.  We can all play a part though by doing something positive, no matter how quiet.

I see it as having a 2 fold message and only time will tell if either will have been effective.  First, we are already hearing from some that are in minority groups that they appreciate the symbol and knowing there is love and support out there for them.  They know that if they needed to they could ask that person wearing a safety pin for help.  Second, it raises awareness that we still have a lot of work to do to reach tolerance and acceptance for all.

Safety pin - Judy Woodley

Judy Woodley


Give jewelry artists a symbol like this and we just can't help ourselves.  The photos and comments are from the creators of some safety pin brooches that are available for sale.  There are also artists that are giving away a certain number to friends and family.

You do not have to wear a jeweler's safety pin!  Go to that drawer in your house that has rubber bands, paper clips, and safety pins and pull one out and wear it.  You could hang a charm or two and make it your own.  

If you have a story where your wearing a safety pin made a difference, please share in the comments!  We'd love to hear about it.


Safety Pins

What a lovely collection you have found, Janet! Thank you for doing this and showing that we can wear our safety pins and still be artful!

wearable art

You're very welcome! Wouldn't it be cool to see everyone wearing their pins?

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