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White and Rose African Violets

Pot on left is vintage.Pot on right is one of Beverly Pierson's.(Kim Klassen texture)

I'm going to give away the secrets of my beautiful African violets in this post.  I've had three of them for over 10 years and other than freshening the soil maybe every three years they bloom year round with little effort.  They're perfect for someone with a brown thumb or someone like me that forgets to water!

Besides purple irises, violets are my favorite flower.  I count pansies along with violets.  I like them alive, but love the shape and color in other ways, too.  About my home you'll see some of my home decor finds featuring violets and pansies.

Several years ago I did a show at Bargetto Winery in Soquel.  In a booth next to me sat lovely June Peterson with her pressed flower "paintings."  I say paintings, because she used flowers like a paint brush.  This violet, daisy and pansy one was mine before I'd sold an item.  I thought she elevated the pressed flowers to art.  

close-up of the vase

These are all flowers, not photos.I recently had to replace a cabinet knob and found this cute one at Anthropologie.

African Violet Bud
Purple African Violet

White African Violet

This bi-color African Violet is one of my favorites.The white sparkles!

The Secrets to my blooming African Violets
  •  Place in North to North East window.  They need indirect light and plenty of it so if you're not getting blooms consider moving it to a better spot.  Artificial light works too!

Purple African Violets

Beverly Pierson Violet Pots

  • Use a violet pot!  I got my first one from Beverly Pierson at an Art and Wine show many moons ago, but you can buy them from the same vendor online today.  She has a number of different glazes and designs available.
  • Use Miracle-Gro African Violet food in every watering can.  Fill the water part of your violet pot every couple of weeks or so and you'll never overwater or forget to water again!  I know I've probably gone a month without re-filling before, but I spot the drooping leaves before it's too late.


I don't know if I am more

I don't know if I am more impressed with you flowers being alive for over ten years or with that flower collage "painting"! Wow~is that beautiful and creative artwork!!!

That is one incredible plate

That is one incredible plate with those pressed flowers, I am im-pressed! wow And you are right, she makes it an art for sure. Love your violets, I remember having them around when I was young. Oh and love the cute knob!

I'm with Christine! Flowers

I'm with Christine! Flowers alive for 10 years? that is award worthy! But that pansy piece is so amazing!!! and thanks for the tips! I have a black thumb (thank goodness my husband's is green!)

Amazing! Love that last

Amazing! Love that last photo with the pretty violet pots!

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