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Daisy Spring Tassel pendant

Tunic length Daisy Tassel pendant


Ocean Jasper Pendant

Ocean Jasper and Rhinestone Pendant


There has never been a better time to wear tassels.  There is freedom in the sway of tassels and an implied joy.  At least I think so.

Garnet and Bird Pendant

San Juan Capistrano - with garnet


Tassels were orginally used (and still are) as a way to stop the unraveling of a weaving.  It was seen as a sign of prestige, because only the wealthy wore fine woven cloth.  In the 16th century the French started the art of passementerie.  It took 7 years to be fully trained and the tassels would be sold for thousands of dollars made in fine silks.  Now everyone can create a tassel out of threads, leather, and cloth.

Black Cat Tassel pendant

City Cat


Leather tassels remind me of the fringe on leather cowboy and cowgirl jackets and I can imagine the rider atop their horse with the fringe bouncing and flowing freely.


Victorian Cowgirl leather tassel pendant

Victorian Cowgirl necklace


Again the blackbirds sings; the streams Wake, laughing, from their winter dreams, And tremble in the April showers The tassels of the maple flowers. ~John Greenleaf Whittier


What a joy to revisit your

What a joy to revisit your tassels ~ I remember these ~ I especially love the Victorian Cowgirl and the San Juan Capistrano. Tassel, fringe ~ movement/life/happiness.


You can probably tell I'm antsy to get back to my studio. I was seeing tassels on a lot of clothes this season and thought... hey, I've got those! :-)

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