Ocean Jasper Mimics Nature

July 24, 2021

Ocean Jasper Pendant

I Promised You a Rose Garden

Baryte Rose, Ocean Jasper, Sterling Silver pendant


Ocean Jasper comes in a wide range of colors as well as quality.  I seek out stones that usually have a distinct pattern.  Those tend to be from old stock and are expensive.  Of course!  Veins have been found in Madagascar as early as 1922, but only small deposits are being found today.  For decades no one knew where it was found as it would pop up and then disappear.  In 2000 it was brought to the Tuscon gem show and it was an instant hit.  In 2006 that mine that was found by Paul Obenich was mined out.  It had been tricky to mine as it was only seen at low tide. 

The pendants above and below are those high quality old stock cabochons that collectors seek. 


Ocean Jasper pendant

Snow Fall - SOLD

Ocean Jasper, keshi pearl, green goldstone


I always have my eyes out for good specimens and still have a small collection of the old stock beautifully cabbed and waiting for inspiration.  Next post I'll share a collection of Ocean Jasper earrings that were a joy to create.


Ocean Jasper and pearl necklace

Winter Path - SOLD

Ocean Jasper with druzy, turquoise, keshi pearls


Ocean Jasper fish pendant


Ocean Jasper, vintage Rhinestone belt, leather, copper


Ocean Jasper heart necklace

Be Still My Heart - SOLD

Ocean Jasper, pearls on silk


Ocean Jasper necklace

Paisley Puddle - SOLD

Ocean Jasper, quartz and pearls on silk


Ocean Jasper heart necklace

Seashell Heart - SOLD

Ocean Jasper, pearls on silk


Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. —Khalil Gibran