Baryte Rose and Ocean Jasper Pendant

Baryte Rose and Ocean Jasper Pendant
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Highest Quality Ocean Jasper Pendant I'm calling I Promised You a Rose Garden.

These 2 stones belonged together from the day I purchased the gorgeous piece of Ocean Jasper. The Baryte or Desert Rose was in my stash just waiting I think.

Baryte is found in various places in the world, but this one is from Oklahoma. It is made up of crystals that are formed in arid sandy conditions.

The Ocean Jasper is absolutely amazing. I purchased several pieces that were cut from old stock and is considered AAA rated. It is originally from a rugged coast in Madagascar. It was mined only by boat when the tide was low as that was the only access. The mine was depleted in 2006. This cabochon features coral colored orbs within a green orb set against a cream background.

I've set them in sterling silver. Pendant hangs about 3 1/8" from the top of the bail to the bottom of the ocean jasper.

20" diamond cut sterling silver chain