Mixing Mediums in Jewelry

April 25, 2022

Artisan Pendant

Catch a Wave

Ceramic oval by Lisa Peters Russ, pyratized ammonite cut by Gary Wilson; both set in sterling silver


Just like one might mix color or texture one can mix component mediums to create a special piece of jewelry.  I find it fun looking for those components that magically go together from my stash.  It's like they've been patiently waiting to find their mate.

One of my favorite ceramic artists is Lisa Peters Russ.  Her focals have colors and texture I adore.  They tell stories in and of themselves.  In addition to the pendant above I've created the following using one of her focals as a key piece in my design.


Mixed Media Artisan necklace

Mediterranean Tapestry

Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, green garnet, Australian Green Lace Agate, vintage cameo (reverse) set in vintage brass piece


Ocean inspired necklace


Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, aquamarine, recycled glass, bone, lampwork by Ellen Dooley, sterling silver


Green and Copper necklace

Northwest Dream

Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, lampwork, copper, seed beads


Green and brown art necklace


Ceramic long bead by Lisa Peters Russ, Lampwork by Meital Plotnik, StudioJuls, and Outwest, wood


Artisan Necklace

Save the Light

Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, lampwork by StudioJuls and Bluhealer, bone


Blue Star necklace

Victorian Cowgirl

Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, sterling silver, druzy agate, leather


Dream Statement necklace


Ceramic focal by Lisa Peters Russ, antique buckle and buttons, coral agate, Fordite, hand-stamped vintage brass ID 


Green Artisan Necklace

Secret Garden

Ceramic focal and charm by Lisa Peters Russ, fossilized coral agate, recycled glass, vintage bone clasp


Daisy Necklace

He Loves Me



"In springtime, love is carried on the breeze.

Watch out for flying passion and kisses whizzing by your head. Emma Racine Defleur