Secret Garden Statement Necklace

Secret Garden Statement Necklace
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This Artisan Statement Necklace was inspired by the vintage button of a secret garden.  It is comprised of some gorgeous lacy pieces of fossilized coral agate and pebble shaped Serpentine in varying shades of chartreuse. I've also added a faceted glass bead that picks up the darkness in the button and the greens in the Serpentine.

The dagger shaped fossilized coral agate echoes the umbrella spines found in the button depiction.

Tiny square tile glass beads finish off the back in comfort.

Necklace is about 18.5 inches in length.


I've captured a vintage brass button, depicting a cherub climbing over a garden wall carrying an umbrella, in Japanese seed beads. Leather is the backing.

Hanging below the button is a ceramic heart by Lisa Peters. For me the maze represented many things including a garden maze and the complicated relationship of a mother and a daughter.

Pendant from top of button to bottom of heart is slightly over 3 inches in length. The button is 2 5/8 inches in diameter.


Another wonderful part of the necklace is the vintage clasp. It's actually a flower, or closed umbrella!, that unscrews in the middle. Seamless and suits the necklace so well! A tiny leaf with my company logo tag dangle from the back.

This is a necklace that will set off a simple sundress or worn casually to a friend's house for dinner. The colors are soothing and the design always interesting.

Inspiration: I designed this piece as part of the Art Bead Scene Monthly Challenge. It's my first entry. Read about it in my blog here.