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My heart is full of gratitude for:

  • the coolest Aunt on the planet!  Of all my garden and nature inspired jewelry she picks one of my Gulf Oil Talisman pendants to take home to western NY.
  • my Aunt's travels having her leave NY just prior to Irene and getting to stay past the disruption due to it.  Wonderful visit I will always cherish.
  • sunny days above 65 for several days in a row!
  • the fact that Irene caused less damage and loss of life than forecast.  Heart goes out to those that have suffered and are still suffering.
  • my Facebook friends that are truly my friends even though we've yet to meet in person.
  • the salmon and halibut we caught a couple weeks ago and have started to enjoy!
  • a 3-day weekend that is unexpectedly free for relaxing.


Oh, I think I feel the same

Oh, I think I feel the same way about all on your list- would love to have some of the halibut! Have a great long weekend, I know I am looking forward to it!

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