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Grandmother's Hooked Rug by Janet Bocciardi

Grandmother's Rug

Designed by Jane McGown Flynn; Color planned by Nancy Miller; Hooked by me!

Next week I'll be attending my second rug camp.  This time I'll be headed to the beautiful Mendocino coast and staying at the Little River Inn who is hosting the event.
To get my hands and mind back into it I decided to do a kit my Mom bought at a Sacramento craft fair from Nancy Miller maybe a decade ago with maybe some encouragement from me.  She was unable to really start it due to arthritis in her hands.  I hope to finish it in time to present it to her for Christmas.  I did think maybe her birthday, but that was wishful thinking.
As I've written before, my first rug camp was at Asilomar quite a few years ago.  I went with my Aunt who intended to just be my bunk companion, but she got hooked, too.  She ended up attending one of the evening classes with me where we worked on a sea inspired theme.  She just about finished her project before she passed away of cancer.  I inherited her unfinished piece.  I've been working up to working on it and finishing it.  It will become a footstool in my home, as that was its intended use in her home, and a wonderful reminder of the laughter and kinship we shared that week.

Treasures of the Sea hooked rug in progress

Treasures of the Sea

Designed by Jane McGown Flynn;Color planned by ? (need to see if I can find schedule!); Hooked by Nancy Gaushell

This coming week I will be taking a workshop with Gail Becker.  I'm bringing a rug kit designed by Sharon Smith called Poppies.  (click on link to see what the rug looks like finished)  Gail will help me with my technique and I'm sure lots of other things like color planning.
Collage of my Daisy, Springer Spaniel
However, one of the things I really want to do is design a rug featuring my Daisy.  I've seen some really cool rugs of hooker's pets so am excited to see if I can pull this off.  If that goes well I'll do one of our Sam, Gretel and Moose.  Gail asked me to bring photos of Daisy that she could use to help sketch the rug.  I want to catch her spirit and not sure how to do that in a medium that is not quite as fine as say paint.
I was so surprised to see how much she's aged in these photos.  The bottom left photo was taken when she was only two and a half.  Her chocolate mustache was deep and dark and if it weren't for that and her large paws I'm not sure I would've realized it was her since she seems so much smaller now.  The upper two were taken when she was seven years old and she was already starting to lose some of her chocolate to age, but she still had her long curly ears.  The bottom right was taken when she was eight.  I want to remember her at all these ages.  (Good luck Gail!)
I'll be posting Instagram photos to my Facebook page while on my adventure so you can see some of the lovely rug hooking work that others are doing, as well as some of the beauty of Mendocino County.


Enjoy your retreat!

Enjoy your retreat! Finishing your Aunt's rug must be quite an undertaking~what a lovely way to honor her. She must have been surprised to come away from that weekend making a rug/footrest :-) I never think of dogs aging too much but there are subtle differences in those photos. Daisy is a beautiful girl~love those ears.

Janet what a thoughtful post.

Janet what a thoughtful post. I hope you enjoy your weekend trip (I love Mendocino - such a beautiful place). I can only imagine the emotion of finishing your rug /footstool ... something to remember your Aunt by. Lovely pictures of Daisy - what a sweet, sweet face!

Have a wonderful time in your

Have a wonderful time in your class. Rug hooking is something I have not done, but have always admired. Your Mom will be so surprised to get her rug for Christmas. That is a real special memorial to your Aunt and a beautiful pattern too. Ah that is a great idea to do a rug of Daisy she is so sweet looking.Therese

What a wonderful thing to

What a wonderful thing to inherit from your aunt! I great remembrance of her and your weekend together!And a rug of Daisy will be so cool! I love the top right photo :)

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