Aged Brass and Silver Necklace

Aged Brass and Silver Necklace
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Most of my jewelry work is one of a kind.  One of the reasons is that I source special items to include when I'm creating.  It's a joy when my finds find each other!


* Agatized Fossil Coral in shades of brown and cream is captured in sterling silver with prongs so that beautiful reverse can be seen as well.  They are formed from ancient corals where the coral is gradually replaced by agate. They come in many colors depending on the minerals and type of environment in which they are created.

* sterling silver setting - side of bezel is stamped with a stylized leaf pattern which you can see if you click on the first photo to make it larger

* vintage brass button with intricate cutouts in deep bronze shade with rhinestone center

* 18 inch faceted sterling silver chain 

* Swarovski crystal headpin

* vintage brass tubing

Pendant is just over 2.5 inches longs