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Picasso Jasper earrings

Meadow Sunrise

Lampwork beads by Bead Fairy

Picasso Jasper


Have you ever watched a lampwork artist at work?  They make it look so easy, but I'm here to tell you that to create the level of glass artwork you see in these pairs of earrings it takes a lot of practice and focus.  Years ago when I was first starting out in jewelry making I took a few classes from the internationally known artists Kim Osibin and Leah Fairbanks.  I learned from that experience that either one is a master at art glass beads or one buys these little treasures.  Since I am also in love with stones and combining all sorts of things into artisan jewelry it was an easy choice.  I'm a buyer of these little treasures.  I hoard some for awhile (ahem, maybe forever on some) until my muse speaks and says it's time to go out into the world and be worn.


Orbicular Jasper earrings


Lampwork by Lori Lochner

Orbicular Jasper


The first piece of jewelry I made that made me think I could actually create pieces that folks would love to wear featured a glorious art glass bead by Kim Osibin.  She was inspired by the streams in New Zealand.  I went tropical with it.


One of a kind statement necklace

Tropical Paradise


Lampwork by Kim Osibin

Chalcedony, turquiose, carnelian, vintage German glass, jade, amethyst, pearls


The combination of art glass (lampwork) made by an artist's hand with semi-precious stones that have taken millenia to form is a constant source of inspiration to me.


Wave Jasper earrings

The Deep

Lampwork by Bead Fairy

Wave Jasper


Green and White artisan earrings



Lampwork by Numinosity Beads



Chrysocolla earrings

Polka Dot Bikini

Lampwork by Irena Samek

Chrysocolla, Amethyst


Aqua Artisan Earrings

Glacial Melt

Hollow lampwork by Alisha White

Chrysocolla with Quartz, Labradorite


"A gem cannot be polished without friction,

nor a man perfected without trials."  Lucius Annaeus Seneca


beautiful collect

I am a buyer of these little treasures, as you know ... and a hoarder. I go through periods of trying to force myself to pull out these treasures and create with them ... as opposed to keeping them tucked away in all the various little sets of drawers I have in my studio. And then I give up, buy another set of drawers and fill it with more treasures.


LOL! I know they make me happy to just look through them and feel them, so that has to be a good thing, too. I've got some drawer space, but I'm really trying not to buy more. Unfortunately there's constant eye candy on FB and I seem to have a low ability to scroll past.

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