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Chrysocolla Earrings

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Aqua Artisan earrings that will stun you with their beauty!

When a glacier melts in late spring it brings along silt which colors the rivers a chalky grey and when it settles in a lake the color of the lake is unreal. That last photo is not doctored! I saw it with my own eyes and snapped the shot. My husband and I rafted the Talkeetna quite a few years ago, which is a glacier fed river, and were amazed that you couldn't see the bottom of the river it was so chalky.

Hollow art glass by Alisha White
Chyrsocolla and Quartz doublet
Faceted Labradorite
Silver-plated hinged and locking earwire

2 11/16" from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the earring