Worn Tiles, Fleur-de-lis and Blue-Greens

August 07, 2010
Mediterranean Artisan necklace by Honey from the Bee

Why do you have to have all this stuff in your studio asks my husband?  Well, actually "stuff" is not the word he uses. How to explain that just having the stuff is happiness to me?  Maybe only other creative types can understand the joy of fingering one's stash and the soaking in of the colors, aged patinas and textures?  Hunting in one's own collection for the perfect addition to a necklace is fun!

Green Lace Agate strung by Honey from the Bee

At any time I can pull open drawers and discover a lost treasure that will finally tell me what it was waiting to become!  That was the case with the focal pendant in this new Mediterranean Tapestry Necklace

I bought the French blue and sage green ceremic pendant from a distributor of ClassicBead years and years ago at a bead show in Oakland.  The worn tile look of the pendant reminded me of the old handmade tiles you'll find throughout Europe.  The rest of the stones and charms were accumulated through the years with no connection until they found their way into this piece. A special addition was the vintage cameo that I set in a piece of brass that was quite old.  I have a small collection of un-set shell cameos that I adore.

I'm sure my upcoming anniversary cruise in the Mediterranean offered inspiration, but I swear it was just them hanging out together that brought it to fruition.