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Honey from the Bee Worktable

Pull this color and that color

Seed bead embroidered necklace

Some make it, others don't.

I re-threaded my needle I don't know how many times trying different colors and beads until I finally completed the pendant parts.

Winter Statement Necklace

Although I thought I was going Art Nouveau, my husband thinks it has a Western look to it.I see that.  Maybe Western Art Nouveau?

All that is left is connecting the pieces and deciding on a necklace strap. Although I really want to try my new berry beads from Miyuki, I'm leaning towards taking apart the chain and wiring these gorgeous light sage pearls in between the links.  I could do both, but I'm thinking that's too heavy and I want the focus on the pendant.  Which do you like the feel of the best?


i am so excited to see this

i am so excited to see this one take shape ~ it is so so beautiful!i think it is more art nouveau, and i am really not sure which to string it on...the one makes it lighter, the other darker, both good. i am so glad to get another peek at this stunner :-)is that a piece of chain coral on the second photo below the thread ring?

Yes! Good eyes. : ) I

Yes! Good eyes. : ) I don't remember even when I pulled that out. I think when I was working on that series of ocean inspired pieces. I may do something with it in metal, as I've got a commission I need to do next that will be a silver pendant.I was thinking the same thing - soft, hard.... wish I could come up with something in between maybe. Might have to let it soak for a bit.

gorgeous!I do see your point.

gorgeous!I do see your point. I was liking the chain at first, but...yes, I agree with the comments above. Each way has a different "feel." a dilemma.

Beautiful piece!! I like the

Beautiful piece!! I like the lighter tiny beads, but the chain would give it even more of a Western feel.

It's so fun to see your

It's so fun to see your pieces come together!I like the look of the pearls with the chain.And the pops of red on the pendant are so pretty :)

This piece is going to be

This piece is going to be gorgeous! People have made a lot of good points for both options. I think that it'll work out well either way.

That is stunning! amazing

That is stunning! amazing beadwork!! I can see the southwest influence, but 'fringe' would bring that out. I think the pearls keep it closer to Art Nouveau? this is simply gorgeous!

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