Worktable Wednesday: Textured Sweater and Hooked Poppies

November 20, 2013
This was a good week for finishing and starting stuff. 

Knitted TurtleneckPattern 1999 from Plymouth Yarn

 I completed my new textured sweater in this yummy tweed-like yarn called Coffee Beenz by Plymouth Yarn.  It looks so great on my mannequin that I am envious of her.  It looks the way I want it to look on me.
It was a real fun one to knit, as the stitch pattern changes often enough to keep it interesting.  It was a breeze to pick up and knit the turtleneck which for me is not always an easy part of the project.  Now I need some cold weather, because it's quite warm.  Maybe when we go whale watching on Friday!
I also completed my Mom's Christmas gift!  I worked on it every evening after class at the Little River Rug Camp.  With the sound of the ocean out one side of my room and re-runs of The Big Bang Theory on the TV as my soundtrack I hooked with a big smile on my face.  I will post a completed photo once I've given it to her.  
I'll also do a post on the rug camp as soon as I can organize the many photos I took.  It was a much needed respite from regular life and I feel the better for it.  I started a new rug at camp called Poppies by Sharon Smith.  There were actually three completed poppy rugs at camp so I got to see how differently one can hook and use color in the same pattern.
Poppy hooked rug in progress
I feel like each flower is getting better than the last, but the most recent yellow one I've pulled out and re-hooked twice now and I'm still not happy with it.  I'm going to take the advice of my teacher and just leave it for now.  Not every flower can be a beauty, right?  I guess that's people, because I'm not sure I've met a flower that wasn't a beauty.
In addition to the fiber work I've been taking an online sketching and watercolor class by Jane LaFazio.  We get a new lesson each week for six weeks.  We're on our fourth week!  This week's lesson is about the flowers.  Check back later this week to see that post when I've completed the lesson.  I've been posting the result of each class' lesson if you're interested.Oh yeah, and I've bought my beads and selected a netting pattern to do for Therese's 4th Time to Stitch challenge.  I still am thinking about my 2nd stitch.  I think I'll do some beading later today.