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So I can hit the ground creating when I re-open my studio April 28th, I've been sketching some new designs for some cabochon stones I purchased this past winter.
Sketch of Ocean inspired pendant by Honey from the Bee
Kelp Forest will likely be one of my first after I get my garage studio set up for soldering.  I love the stone and in my head it turns out amazing!
(Update:  created and sold.  See finished piece in this blog post.)

Sketch of cat pendant by Honey from the Bee

Too big of a pendant?

I have an idea for making it work!

This sketching time is where I just have fun and don't have the pressure of trying to fill my shop or jump into making a project.  I know if I didn't have the discipline I wouldn't allow a design time to simmer.  Now is the time for designing and play.  Any idea that pops into my head I go with.  Case in point:
Guitar brooch with Fordite sketch by Honey from the Bee
When I bought this piece of Fordite I knew I wanted to make it a guitar.  It looked like a rock guitar to me from the moment I saw it.  However, I wondered what would happen if I looked at it from a different angle.
Wombat sketch with Fordite by Honey from the Bee
Some will be bead embroidered while others will be set in silver.  I will likely combine the two in at least a couple of pieces, too.

Dog nipping at heels sketch by Honey from the Bee

This stone is not painted!

Once I saw the boy's shorts and foot with his dognippin' at his heels I couldn't see anything else!

Some will be altered slightly or transform entirely during the process.  I'll try to remember to post the original drawing with the completed piece.  The transformation might be interesting to both of us.
Asian inspired Jewelry Sketch by Honey from the Bee

Starfish Necklace sketch by Honey from the Bee

Inspired by Sea Star Wasting Syndrome which has beenaffecting Sea Stars on the west coast from Alaska to San Diego.

Do you allow yourself time to play?  What benefits do you see when you allow yourself time to reflect and dream?


Kelp, Nipping at Heels, and

Kelp, Nipping at Heels, and Motown ~ I am eager to see how these turn out. They are fascinating in ideas and sketches. You have some very inspiring stones there.I sometimes sketch. And when I do, I am surprised as to how well the finished piece stays true to my original thoughts. But mostly I sit down and just start beading and come what may.

Sketching is fun, costs

Sketching is fun, costs almost nothing, and is a great way to flesh out designs with a little dreaming :) I love that little boy and his dog, Janet!

I love the guitar idea! And

I love the guitar idea! And is that a kitty trying on your necklace in the second photo :)I do hope you'll share the start and finish of each of these!

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