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Last week we had dear friends visit us so not a lot happened on my worktable.  In fact it looks pretty close to what it did last Wednesday except for some home paperwork that got stacked on it.

After a strong interest in my Winter Storm Earrings I did add a few more to my shops.  After the ones in the shops are gone I'll have to make a minor change to them to offer any more.  
I also completed a gift for my chocolate angel and will send that off in the mail tomorrow.  I'd share, but I know she reads my blog!  I don't want to spoil the surprise, ya know.  I loved how they turned out so much that I wish I had more of a certain item....  
This week I should receive some more seed beads that I ordered in order to continue working on Winter Berries, the one I laid out last week.  I have made some design decisions as far as shape of the pendant and am excited to start beading tomorrow.
We're having a last burst of summer here - upper 80's - so I've been trying to get outside as much as possible.  My husband is even taking time off work to enjoy some fishing on the Clark Fork.  It's his first time there and it sounds beautiful.  I asked him to take photos, but instead he nearly lost the camera.  Hence yesterday's photos on my blog post were taken with my new Asus Transformer tablet.  I was quite pleased with them, but do want my little Canon pocket camera back.


I can see why your earrings

I can see why your earrings are doing so well...they're so pretty!Can't wait to see what you made for your chocolate angel :)

You are killing me with

You are killing me with curiosity!!! But I think you already know that. I am eager to see photos (great photos with the tablet, by the way!)of the Winter Berries when it is done. I really love the color and the possibilities you showed in that post. Enjoy the last push of summer and I hope you had a wonderful time with your friends!

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