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One side of my worktable has the remains of my last project.  

The other side has a slew of new projects in a vintage muffin tin.  Each one begging to be next!

Honey from the Bee muffin tin of beads

It was over a year ago that the Art Bead Scene blog had a muffin tin challenge.  I didn't participate, but I started looking for a vintage muffin tin not long after.  Well, not an all out and out search, but every time I found myself at a flea market or thrift shop I'd look.  I thought I wanted a darkened by age tin, but I didn't want just any old one.  I figured it would tell me when it was the right one.

Honey from the Bee muffin tin of beads

Last week I found it!  It's heavy and fluted.  I guess it might not be a muffin tin, but maybe a fancy individual cake thing.  I think it being heavy is good for me as it's substantial and I can't try to balance it on something else which would mean lots of hands and knees time.  Yes, I'm speaking from experience.  Even knowing sometimes I was putting something in a precarious position and my inner voice telling me NO!  I'd still do it.

Anyway, I now use it to help me organize new projects.  It's awesome, because when I'm starting a new project I'll go looking for beads and such that I want to use and then in the process start pulling out other baubles that would look great together.  Before I know it my bead table is a mass of project ideas and then as I work they start to migrate into each other. I also have a tendency to stop what I'm doing and pick them up to admire them from time-to-time.  You know like, oh there is a shiny object!  Distraction.  At least now I can put that pretty cabochon back in its cup.

Honey from the Bee muffin tin of beads

So, I think this is going to work well for me.  Time will tell.  So what's on your worktable?


The tin is such a great

The tin is such a great idea...very organized! And I love how it's open so you can see what's next and add/take away as you like.Today I have name albums on my work table :) Love all the different color combos I get to work with!

Oh I don't know what is more

Oh I don't know what is more fun, the muffin tin itself or what's in it!! :)What a great idea....I'm hoping I can get my creative mojo going on some jewelry projects now that the kids are back in that they are back in school things are crazy busy!! Only so much one can fit in a day, right?

What a great way to organize

What a great way to organize your work! All I can think about is how I'd want to bake something in it:)

The tin is great! Good luck

The tin is great! Good luck with your upcoming projects.

What a great idea! And

What a great idea! And pretty, too!

I like the tin idea.I am bad

I like the tin idea.I am bad about getting sidetracked from all of the embellishments on the table as I work. The inner dialogue goes something like, "I need to do this, oh, isn't this nice. This will work great with this over here and what if I make this instead of this idea I started already...." before I know it, 30 minutes has passed and I am still talking to myself.

I love the idea of the muffin

I love the idea of the muffin tin as an organizer for projects. Seems like such a nifty idea. Best of luck with your work :D

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