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Frog Spiral necklace in progress

Some of you may be wondering what I've been up to.  Well,...After making a less than graceful descent down our hardwood stairs, I found myself at Urgent Care earlier this week.  The good news is I did not fracture anything.  The bad news is that I badly bruised my lower lumbar, specifically my left side.  I've not had a back injury before, but I can now sympathize with full knowledge how they affect everything you attempt to do.

Interesting how the elements follow the story line?

I've learned that even though the injury is on the left side I can't just use my right side, as that is connected to the left side and causes unexpected freeze in place pain. I know I'm getting better though, because instead of it taking me a half hour to put on a pair of underwear it only takes me at the most five minutes now!  That is good news along with the stopping of my pain meds night before last.  The muscle relaxers I tend to take in the afternoon after being up and around for a bit.

So, I've not made much progress on a necklace I started last week. 

Frog Statement necklace in progress

Notice all the thread bits?

I ripped out the same foot of off-loom bead work several times, because I kept using the wrong set of colors.  (That's what "may cause dizziness" does to you if you were wondering.)   

Now that I can sit in a chair for awhile stitching I'm making progress!  Maybe next week I'll be done.  One can only hope.  We'll see what physical therapy does to the process of healing.  I was hesitant to start it since one friend mentioned massage and the thought of anyone touching me anywhere near my lower lumbar sent me into a hot flash.  That's another story for another time.

Seed bead necklace in progress


Oh no, ouch! I'm glad you're

Oh no, ouch! I'm glad you're okay and starting to heal.Can't wait to see more work on this piece, those spiral beads are really cool!

you certainly have had a

you certainly have had a bumpy start to your summer months. i am so glad to hear you are inching along. and your necklace will too. i cannot even weave if i have had more than one glass of are brave for trying!

Oh Janet, I'm so sorry to

Oh Janet, I'm so sorry to hear you fell...I didn't know! Yes back pain is not fun at all, I know from experience, or foot pain...that's bad too! I'm glad to hear that the underwear is only a five minute jaunt now, whew, that IS tricky!! ;)

oh no! that sounds so very

oh no! that sounds so very painful! I'm glad to hear you're on the mend, but do take it easy, back trouble is so tricky!!

So sorry to hear about your

So sorry to hear about your fall!!I hope you get some pain relief.Sending healing thoughts.

Hope you are recovering - how

Hope you are recovering - how scary to fall down hardwood stairs!! The start of your project looks beautiful - and so is the photography!

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