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colors for new scarf

My husband's sweater is taking way too long for me to stick to my one project at a time rule.  Besides just knitting is not good for potential repetitive stress injuries.  I'm also wanting to see some new colors.  Those are the arguments I'm using against myself.  With the weather getting warmer here I'm losing momentum to finish it since he now won't likely wear it until next winter.  I will finish it though by the end of March.  I promise.

Able Cable sweater for husband


I've not missed a Stitches West, at least The Market, in many years.  I don't need fiber, but I always like to see what's new.  Just like with beads, my sense goes out of the showroom floor and I bring home more yarn.  Unfortunately (or fortunately!) this year my schedule won't allow for it since we've got a couple sets of visitors and I've got to prepare for my annual Oscar Party on Sunday.  I really wish they'd have it in November since by February, here in California, I've already got my project plans for the rest of "winter."

So I decided to start a scarf project on my small rigid heddle loom.  I went through my stash and found some pretty vibrant DK weight yarn that I think will make a gorgeous scarf.  See the colors in the photo at the top.  That took some time as I fiddled with the idea of adding some novelty yarn and of course other color combinations.  

Ashford Knitter's Loom


Then after I set the loom up on its stand I realized I couldn't remember how to warp it.  That took some research and time to get over the confusion of some instructions having you warp it from the back while others from the front.  In the process of being on the web I realized I needed wanted the attachment that will allow me to have 2 heddles so I could make more complicated patterns some day.  That warped into needing another set of heddles since you have to have two of the same dpl.  Love me some new tools!

Back to my studio and I realized I better figure out if I have enough yarn to make what I want to make... and decide how long the scarf should be.  So back to my computer where I found a great weaving calculator on Weavolution.  Or at least I think it's great, but proof will be after I finish the scarf.

Back to my studio where it takes me some time finding the warping peg.  After figuring out how to stabilize both my loom stand and peg I got the thing warped!  Well, at least to the point of wound on so all I have to do next time is separate and tie on the ends and I can get to weaving.   

Warped vermillion and blue jean scarf

So that's where I am.  Maybe next week I'll have a completed woven scarf to show you.  Either that or I'll be back on my computer deciding on what kind of fringe I should use.  That could lead to more unforseen tool purchases.  You just never know.  But I guess I didn't need Stitches to tempt me.  I'm just easily tempted.

Do you ever have days like that?  Not getting a lot done, but just happy that you got this far?



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