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Hooked Rug in progress, Janet Bocciardi

I'm committed now!  

I've signed my rug and am just getting started on working the border.  I think I'm going to make my self-imposed deadline of the end of this month which makes me very happy.

For those of you that do handwork I hope you sign and date your work.  Time goes by so quickly and not only might you want to know when you completed a project, but your work will exist long after you are gone.  In this day of mass production I truly believe your handwork will be more and more valuable to future generations.

Hooked rug in progress, Janet Bocciardi

Pattern:  Charisma, CHARCO

Color planning and dying:  Nancy Miller; Hooked by:  me!


what a beautiful piece! so

what a beautiful piece! so talented!!

Beautiful! And good for you

Beautiful! And good for you for setting a deadline.

The border color is perfect

The border color is perfect for this piece. And that's a great idea to sign your pieces!

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