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Honey from the Bee Worktable 5/13/2015


I've only been back in my studio for 10 days, but after unpacking my winter purchases and reorganizing my stash I am just on the verge of being overwhelmed with work ideas.  What to do first?!

The winged piece needs some more problem solving, so I've been sliding it to the side.

I just finished sawing off pieces of the fabulous vintage butterfly buckle and have a good idea where I'm taking it so I think it'll be next for completion.

 Although no one here in the northern hemisphere is excited about winter, I really like the pendant that's growing from the crystal chandelier drop and how the vintage button suits the Agate Stalactite slice so well.  Australia may be more interested sooner in its completion.

One of the pieces I did finish was a necklace that I'd started early last fall.  I went back and forth about what beads to include and how to tie them all together.  They were sitting in a pile on my worktable when I returned.  I think since it was sitting in my brain for 6 plus months it tumbled out in no time.  I call it Lavender Seas.

Boho Lavender Necklace by Honey from the Bee

Found shell, Porcelain Jasper donut by Gary Wilson, lampwork by Canyon Echoes, vintage Banded Amethyst rosary chain; waxed linen with sterling silver findings


I won't be able to photograph the necklace for my shop til later this week, but if interested just let me know.

I like that I have the time to get distracted by another jewelry idea when a latent design arises.  It makes me nervous when my time in the studio nears its end.




Not only am I feasting my

Not only am I feasting my eyes on the relatively simple ease and beauty of Lavender Sea, but I think the center necklace is going to be so pretty in its straightforwardness, And the butterfly buckle and glass wings ~ oh, I just cannot wait to see how that one turns out! YES! It must feel great to be back :-D Enjoy!!!

Thanks Christine

Fun to be back at it for sure! Running my fingers through beads... getting excited over seed bead colors... making a whole from many parts. I know you know how all of that feels!

back in the studio!

how fun to see you back in the studio and designing again! all those sketches this past winter are coming to life - in living color!! The bead table is just bubbling over with designs ... and that lavender seas piece is just stunning

living color and almost wearable!

:-) Thanks Cynthia. Hoping to get a few done this week so I can move on to more!

All the pieces that you are

All the pieces that you are working on are going to be beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing the cab finished. Those seed beads you picked are a perfect match to the reddish brown color in the cab. The Lavender Sea necklaces is very pretty Porcelain Jasper is one of my favorites.

interesting color

Hi Therese -
The color in the cab is a very interesting color. It wasn't easy finding a color that highlighted it and didn't go on the wrong side of it. I'm going to work on it this afternoon and the rest of the week. I'm going to go with the flow and see what happens.

I'd forgotten about the Porcelain Jasper donut so when I was writing down the components I was thinking it was a lampwork bead it's so perfect!

Thank you for stopping by!

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