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Able Cable pullover in Sweet Fibers Cashmerino Worsted

Able Cable pattern by Chrissie Day

Yarn:  Sweet Fibers Cashmerino Worsted,  Marshland colorway

The weather just didn't cooperate for me to stay put long enough this winter to finish my husband's sweater quickly, but with Spring starting the end of this week I thought I just better do it!

Able Cable Pullover Sweater knit in Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Worsted

So I did!  

There are still poppers to put on, but I want to find some larger ones than I have in my sewing drawer.  Poppers was a new one for me, but since it is a British pattern I figured my relative who lives in Wales could help out with the meaning.  She did.  They're snaps!  Apparently they normally refer to them on baby wear, but this designer wanted the smooth look of poppers and not buttons.

Able Cable Men's pullover sweater

There's very little chance that my husband will wear it before next Fall, but he did try it on for me.  It looks great on him!  The sleeves are long, but that's the way they look on the pattern photo.  A cool look?  He can roll them up though and have the extra sleeve for when it's really cold out.


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LOVE this sweater! my husband would go nuts for one like this. His mother knits and he stills has his favorites from her that I've tried to delicately wash through the years and not destroy what fragile part is left. He loves those sweaters. This one is such a nice pattern

That's wonderful

that he's kept his Mom's knits. I bet she really appreciates that. Have you tried or no interest?

Oh how lush and warm and

Oh how lush and warm and textured and Beautiful!!! Maybe he can wear it on some cool summer nights. It would be hard to wait to put this one on.

Thank you Christine.

This one's pretty heavy... but maybe if we're out in the boat and the breeze is cool. It is a cold ride until August when the water warms up a little.

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