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I've got two commissions to complete in the next week!  Yikes!  I've made some progress with the first one that a sweet friend of mine commissioned back in early July!  She made the mistake of telling me to take my time, so I did.  : )  I used that time to waver between traditional goldsmithing and working with metal clay.  As you can see I decided to go with the metal clay.  I have another commission to do that I could only do with metal clay or casting, but the latter I haven't added to my repertoire yet.

Turquoise Pendant starts to take shape.


A shot of my muffin tin shows that I refilled three of the empty slots.

Muffin Tin filled with beads

After reading a post by Copper Diem where she is sponsoring a blog hop for Ears to You, an organization run by Debbie Smith the owner of Rings and Other Things, I signed up for the November 3rd hop!  The organization's aim is to lift the spirits of any woman going through chemotherapy for any type of cancer.

Cancer in women has hit my family and friends hard and this past Spring I lost a dear friend to metastasized breast cancer.  This special friend loved jewelry and wore some created by me so the whole idea just feels great to me.

Although the blog hop is closed you can still help them out by donating money or new earrings to the organization.  


Congrats on your commissions!

Congrats on your commissions! I'm anxious to see the finished turquoise pendant - -definitely a statement piece.

That sounds like a great hop

That sounds like a great hop and cause. Will have to check out what you all make!

Have fun with your

Have fun with your commissioned pieces. I see some pink in one of those tins...can't wait to see it completed! The hop sounds fun...and for such a great cause!

i like the "in the process"

i like the "in the process" photos.i am doing the Ears to You too. sometimes a pretty pair of earrings are not just a pretty pair of earrings.

Congrats on the commission

Congrats on the commission work! I did read about Amy's blog hop. What an inspired idea.

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