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Springer Spaniel learns to paddeboard


Wordless Wednesday

The dog looks less interested in paddle boarding than the man. Ha!


He loves his wubby... (red floating toy) , and that's how we got his attention to sit still! lol!

sweet moose!

what an awesome pic of Moose out there on the board. Hope he got lots of pets and cuddles after that one!

He was loving

the praise! He'd take his wubby and swim to shore. Then we'd do it all over again. I wonder if I did it with him if he'd stay on for awhile. It makes me want to buy a paddle board

Good for Moose! Hope he

Good for Moose! Hope he enjoyed the experience and got plenty of treats :-)

He never hurts for treats!

lol! He is so cool about everything, but I think he loved all the attention.

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