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Daisy - My English Springer Spaniel hooked rug
With this completed hooked wall hanging of my springer spaniel I learned a few things and had some epiphanies.  Here's just a sampling:
All art forms use similar elements and processes.  
Colors in fiber can be used like colors in tubes of paint.  Shadows are not gray, but blues and purples... or perhaps even green.
Pay attention to where the light comes from and where it hits your object to give your piece dimension. 
Start with a good drawing and you have the framework to create something beautiful.
Don't be afraid to tear out something that isn't working, but walk away and come back before doing so.
Trust yourself and just create without judgement so you enjoy the process and are surprised by your own magic.
Rug Hooking canvas for Springer Spaniel
"Daisy" drawn by Laura Pierce
She used one main photo of mine, but incorporated a couple of others, too.

Springer Spaniel hooked rug

In any dog portrait the eyes are extremely important.

Tanya taught me the spit method (or felting method!)

Springer Spaniel hooked rug
I felt her coming to life and actually teared up. 
Springer Spaniel hooked rug
I couldn't believe how much I got done at camp!
Since she's my favorite dog ever I was so happy that I could use my favorite color,periwinkle, for the background.
Springer Spaniel hooked rug
I had bought some furry yarn at the local yarn store in Mendocino with the thought of using it here and there on her ears to make them look soft and curly.  Tanya Graham, my teacher, really encouraged me not to saying that she knew I could do it without it and it would be the better for it.  I am so thankful that she was so encouraging as I love how she turned out!

Springer Spaniel hooked rug

I took this photo from the 2nd floor to show how the colors blend.  You're going to see her from a distance not close up.It's a little blurry, but you get the idea.

Now that I have momentum I've sent off more photos of the dogs in my life to Laura Pierce of Flying Dog Hookery to draw up some more patterns.  If I was hooking flowers I'd draw the pattern, but Laura is just so good at it!


Collaboration between you,

Collaboration between you, Laura, and Tanya resulted in beautiful artwork of your gorgeous Daisy. She looks like she has a Gentle Soul. The finished image looks like she posed for that photo for a few hours, if not a few days...Gallery worthy! And your epiphanies are such an important part of arriving at the end of a project with deep personal satisfaction. If satisfied enough, we may even forget the frustrating parts.

what a keepsake for you!

what a keepsake for you! you'll always be able to cuddle with Daisy, and what beautiful piece you've made! Daisy does seem like such a kind soul, you can see that in her eyes

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