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Winter earrings


Orbicular Rhyolite, marcasite, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver


When I created this collection of earrings this past summer, while in quarantine, I was thinking about winter.  One could look at the snowy and sparkly components and say, well of course!  But I was thinking of winter in relation to our tendency to hibernate and come out of that hibernation at various times to celebrate life with our family and friends.  Then while looking through my stones I found these beautiful orbicular rhyolite teardrops.  Perfect!


boho earrings

Going in Circles

Orbicular Rhyolite, vintage mother of pearl buttons, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver


winter lampwork earrings

All Together

Orbicular Rhyolite, lampwork, crystals,  sterling silver


In early summer I held out hope that we would be coming out of hibernation by the holidays to celebrate the sacrifice many of us made to keep others healthy.  The story didn't turn out that way, but there is lots of light trying to get through the devastating losses of those gone too soon.  I see the winter sky filled with stars representing the multitude of medical heroes bearing their sources of light as we wait for Spring.


artisan earrings

Light over Darkness

Orbicular Rhyolite, mother of pearl, black obsidian, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver


Winter earrings

Bubbling Up

Orbicular Rhyolite, vintage moonglow buttons, sterling silver


By the beginning of November even I had reached what I felt was my limit of isolation, but I don't know if it's the news of vaccines, new leadership that puts science above conspiracy, practicing meditation, but I feel like I have a second wind.  I find myself feeling much more at peace and content with each day.


Artisan earrings

Mandala Earrings

Orbicular Rhyolite, mother of pearl, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver


Boho earrings

All Sewn Up

Orbicular Rhyolite, vintage mother of pearl buttons, linen, niobium


This morning I read a message from Pope Francis in the New York Times.  If you subscribe I hope you'll take the time to read it.  I'm not Catholic, but the message resonates with me and my hopes.  I think about right after 9/11 how we were kinder to each other.  We didn't just pass each other without acknowledging.  We had a common sorrow.  Now the world has a common painful memory being created by this virus.  How painful those memories are will vary widely, but it won't be that much of a stretch for us to practice compassion and grow as a person, a community, a country, and a world in response.  I know I've been changed by it.

"To come out of this pandemic better than we went in, we must let ourselves be touched by others’ pain."  Pope Francis


"In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."  Albert Camus


Beautiful messages

I had to look up "orbicular" and "rhyolite"! Beautiful earrings, and a beautiful message from the Pope.

Thank you!

Thanks Paula. This Pope has really impressed me with his kind and inclusive messages that suit today's issues.


These are beautiful. Would love to where them at the next family wedding :)


Thank you Victoria. They'd be lovely for a wedding!

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