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Bead embroidered statement necklace by Honey from the Bee

features vintage metal from drawer pull

In creating a statement necklace, one that takes many hours, I find inspiration takes interesting forms.  I started out thinking I was going to go Art Nouveau, my favorite period of time for jewelry.  The main focal features a cabochon that Gary Wilson created from a vintage drawer handle.  I saw winter berries and knew I wanted to pair it with a stunning moss agate drop also from Gary Wilson.
Winter Statement necklace by Honey from the Bee
moss agate
After I finished the pendant my husband happened to walk by and say it looked Western, something a cow girl would wear.  I looked at and immediately saw what he was seeing through his eyes.  Since I love that style, too I decided that I'd see where that led me on the neck strap.
Most of you reading my post on the dilemma of the neck strap were like me - wavering between feminine pearls and a more rugged look with the chain.  Thank you for your input!
Pearl and Chain neckstrap
freshwater baroque pearls
I played around for a bit and ended up loving the end result.  The chain is woven with the large baroque pearls as if with a ribbon and softens the chain enough, but gives some weight.  

This morning I woke up and looked at it on the dress form and thought my gosh, it reminds me of our trip to Istanbul!  So I guess this necklace took long enough to reach into my memories and entwine with my muse.

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey

Embroideries at the Grand Bazaar, IstanbulSo I give you my Art Nouveau Cowgirl Boho Necklace called Winter Berries!

Winter Statement Necklace by Honey from the Bee

Winter Berries:  bead embroidered statement necklace


Absolutely stunning! I love

Absolutely stunning! I love the pops of red! The perfect mix of all these styles!

I love your final result!

I love your final result! stunning!

Beautiful! The pearls pair

Beautiful! The pearls pair perfectly with the rest of the piece.

The word the came immediately

The word the came immediately to mind when I saw this piece was stunning---before I saw the other comments --great minds? It truly is a stunning piece.

Oh Wow (a whispered

Oh Wow (a whispered statement). there are pieces that yell their beauty and pieces that have such a strong beauty and presence that i speak softly about them. this is a speak softly and bask in the awe of what you have created with this piece. absolutely a stunning beauty all around~and the blending of the chain and pearls is wonderful. the whole piece is artisan work at its best. i clicked on the Gary Wilson link and found the link to On the Rocks in Traverse City...I was in that store this summer. Twice, actually!

So intricate! Lovely design.

So intricate! Lovely design.

I love, love the way you wove

I love, love the way you wove the chain and the pearls together. So cool!!

Your jewelry is so

Your jewelry is so beautiful!! I need to get back to wearing the jewelry I have. When I had babies and young children, I stopped wearing it because the little ones would break it. Now my youngest is 9, and I'm still not back in the habit of wearing my jewelry. The beautiful pieces you've made have inspired me!

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