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Bold Colorful Statement Necklace

Circulo de la Vida

Fordite, lampwork, brass chain, waxed linen


...Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky
Do you know that song written by Bruce Fisher and Billy Preston?  It's from the early seventies, but the first part of it makes me think of YouTube and what makes a video or anything go viral these days.
No, my inspiration for my Circulo de la Vida statement necklace and Wholeness earrings were not inspired by this song.  But they were inspired by circles.
Actually it all started with my tornado earrings where the circles spin very fast.
I slowed those circles down and made them groovy in my Circulo de la Vida necklace.  The Fordite cab reminds me of seventies music videos where even if you weren't high you kind got dizzy watching them.  The colors reminded me of the colorful Mexican blankets that you fall in love with when you're visiting, but when you get home you realize they don't really go with any of your decor.  Or maybe that's me.
Circles have likely been an important part of culture since the caveman.  They bring to mind celestial orbs like the moon and sun.  How about the water rings when you drop a rock in a lake?  And what about that wheel?!
They symbolize wholeness, completion, and unity.
All good things.

Orbicular Rhyolite earrings

Wholeness - SOLD

Orbicular Rhyolite, wood, vintage French nailheads

Their simple form brings us together.
For a moment of happy (!) and a reminder for all of us to remember to dance like no one is watching once in awhile:



This song is new to me...but

This song is new to me...but I think you know I love anything circular so I am lovin' the groove :-) The earrings are gorgeous! The color, the shape, the sway, the name. And the necklace ~ I have been so curious what you were going to do with that fordite when you gave a sneak peek. I really am smitten with fordite. There are several pieces for sale at the bead store I go to in Michigan, and each year I refrain from buying, though I am always intrigued. I think this year, I will bring some home. But back to your necklace...Love the circles, the fordite, the vivid and muted colors. What a wonderful piece!

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