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Decisions, decisions...  There are umpteen decisions to be made even after you think you've got the most beautiful idea for a new piece of jewelry!  Each decision you make will affect the look, the mood, the wearability, the audience, etc.  For me, some of those decisions need to soak for awhile.  I move things around, put new pieces together, new colors and sometimes even throw it all out if I get to a point that nothing is working.

This piece will get made, because it's not that nothing is working, it's because everything is working!  Ack!

It seems lots of colors will work with Lisa Peters' ceramic cabachon.  I'm having difficulty deciding, but I'm leaning towards this greyish blue palette rather than a green one.  I also have one more with browns and greens...  I suppose I could just start beading, but I really do hate cutting and re-doing...


I love both colour palettes

I love both colour palettes and love Lisa's cabs! can't wait to see what you create!!!

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