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Just recently, like within the last month, I blogged about adding LinkyFollowers to my side bar in anticipation of Google Follower Connect possibly going away some time soon.  Well, I've done something even more drastic.

I've removed them both!!  Why? you ask... Well, because it had become a habit, obsession, a drug (!) to look at it and see who had just become a follower and what my follower count was up to (nearly 500 by the way.)  I liked that part of it, as I was excited to see a new face, check out their blog when I had a chance and feel good about growing.  However, I also found that if the number dropped I fretted about what post lost them or if I just wasn't as interesting (which is entirely possible!) as they thought I was going to be.  I'd even get down about it and I believe it even took away some of my energy to write new posts.

This year I'm finding ways to reduce stress or eliminate things that make me anxious that just aren't worth it.  I recognize that some stress is just part of life, but it's not healthy for your body.  I also understand that it's giving me belly fat!  Besides, I hate feeling anxious or down about something that really should be one of the last things to worry about.

I am very fond of all my followers and you can still follow me via Google by clicking in the upper left hand corner of my blog, but you will now be doing it privately.  I do love comments and always respond to your questions and thoughtful comments.  Another change I'll be doing is to start putting more of my responses in the blog post comment area rather than via a private email so that others can join the discussion.  I think we'll all get more out of our friendships that way.  I know I learn and grow by hearing about your thoughts on a post.


Great post! I too fret about

Great post! I too fret about followers. Maybe if I ever hit 500 I will remove mine too. In the mean time I still look to make sure there are a few people still out there somewhat interested in what I am rambling about! Technology is changing so fast, just when I figure out one thing it changes again!

Sometimes I jump on the new

Sometimes I jump on the new technology too fast and instead of it adding a benefit to my life it's just one more thing to keep track of. Life was so much simpler when... : ) I think if you're getting comments you're reaching a lot more than you think. Many people don't comment ever or only when they think they're adding to the discussion.Also - It's sort of like a journal, a public one albeit, where what's happening in your life comes out and that's just for you. Without the blog I wouldn't have that to look at.

Yes, I agree. I don't always

Yes, I agree. I don't always leave comments either, just depends on the subject and time.

I try not to get too hung up

I try not to get too hung up on the follower numbers, as many of these people don't take the time to visit regularly, let alone comment. I would rather have regular visits and comments than high numbers of "followers." If GFC does go away for Blogger, I will probably join Google+ but will not add any other type of widget. Is it really so hard to check in with the blogs you like?Also, on the subject of comments, I wish that blogger had a good default comment system with an individual reply function that e-mailed those follow up comments. The problem now is that unless people elect to follow, they don't check in with posts again to see follow up comments. So I do reply via e-mail, but you're right that it doesn't create much of a group discussion either. I do have some great e-mail discussions, though.

It is good that you are being

It is good that you are being proactive about reducing your stress levels. That's something we all have to do.

Now, that is thinking outside

Now, that is thinking outside of the box, just to free yourself up of all concern about it. I imagine that a lot of "followers" rarely come back to a particular blog anyway.

I totally, totally understand

I totally, totally understand this. When I jumped back into blogging I felt the same way about the comments. I LOVE them, so much so that I was checking in countless times to see if there were any new ones... However, I love to hear the thoughts people have when they visit, and so ended up leaving it in place and watching myself very, very carefully. ;) It may be a good idea for me to eliminate the followers, I bet most of them aren't reading anyway. Anyway, I think it was a smart move on your part, and gives me something to ponder... :)

A marketer told me last year

A marketer told me last year to get rid of my GFC widget and focus on email subscribers and my newsletter. I love the response I get from my newsletter and those in my comments.I do agree with you that I spend way too much time wondering what got them to leave?ErikaIt’s a Wrap Link Party at Artful Rising

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