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Who among us doesn't like to add to our stash?!  If there's anyone out there that has too much stash - let me know, because I'm a Stash Buster!  I'll get it out of your house quick!  he-he-he Below are photos of some of my winter found stash. 

It wasn't until I gathered them together that I saw this heavenly sky theme going on.  The background of clouds is a dog bed!  lol! Those with an eye for these things will see lampworked beads by Kelley's Bead Studio, ceramic cabochons and tube bead from Lisa Peters Art, lava beads from Happy Mango Beads and miscellaneous vintage finds from ebay and flea markets.


I guess it's not really stash any more since it's no secret, but it's still my treasure until I create something new and sell it to you!


These look so nice together.

These look so nice together. Did you get it all at the same time? Great collection and will make something pretty!

No, the funny thing is I've

No, the funny thing is I've collected it over the past 3 months. That top photo is really inspiring me...

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