Where the Buffalo Roam

May 25, 2016

Coeur D'Alene River

Coeur D'Alene River


A week ago my husband and I took a mini-driving trip from North Idaho through the mountains to western Montana.  There are rivers and lakes everywhere.  We had some other interesting stops that I'll share later.

We'd gone by the National Bison Range about a month ago and I couldn't get him to take the side trip, but this time with no agenda we took the short drive off Highway 90.

National Bison Range sign

Large pile of elk antlers

Large collection of elk antlers


We found where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.

Fawns in meadow, National Bison Range

There are 2 fawns in this photo.  Do you see them?  You can see how well their spots blend in with the meadow flowers.


I could've kicked myself for not bringing my good camera, but these shots from my phone will have to do.  The images are captured much better in my mind.  After I saw the fawns I knew I wouldn't be too disappointed if I didn't see any bison.  It was not the best time of year to see the bison apparently and we had my husband's nice car so couldn't drive it on the whole dirt/gravel route.

The wildflowers were amazing.  Blues, yellows, white... 

Antelope, National Bison Range

Antelope.  He was jabbing at the soil or plant life with his horns and tearing it off.  I've never seen one this big before in the wild.

Bison, National Bison Range

Unfortunately they were a distance away and my phone just couldn't zoom in far enough.  But at least you can tell they're bison!


So, the skies were cloudy all day, but the discouraging word that we weren't there at the right time to see bison proved to be wrong.