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Many of my beading friends like to challenge each other from time to time with interesting items we come across in our travels or shopping trips.
This past summer our local Ben Franklin store closed its doors.  I'm real sad to see it go, as it was nice to have local access to art supplies and framing.  Before it closed they had big discounts and the longer you waited the more discounted items became.  Also, of course, the items became more and more obscure.
I saw these wooden toy wheels and thought heck, we could make some interesting jewelry with these!  Like the good friends they are my beading friends agreed to participate.  They all have reported back they're ready and actually sounded like they were excited to reveal.
Well, for me it was a real challenge.  I set a wheel at my desk and fiddled with it off and on for weeks.  The only consistent thought I had was to bezel a Swarovski rivoli in the center.  I tried several colors.. then let it sit some more.
Then as time neared it dawned on me to create something that was just a desk top folly.  Well, I'm not using folly properly, because it means a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose.  But you get the idea, right?
I created something that is sparkly and pretty to fiddle with while coming up with new ideas or just meditating.  It's a work in progress, too.  I plan on adding more crystals and beads that move around the hub.  I also want a better base to spin it on.  I found it has to be just the right size to spin well though.
There's a lot of talent in this group so I'm very excited to see what they did with the wheel.  Shall we go see?
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oh that is just fun Janet!

oh that is just fun Janet! and so very sparkly :D I think this was a real challenge for all of us, but enjoyed it so very much! Thank you for pulling us all together and getting us thinking outside the box (or inside the box as was the case with mine - LOL)

What fun seeing all the

What fun seeing all the different designs used with this wheel. I like how everyone went in a different direction with their wheel. I love the nautical scarf/necklace :)

As beautiful, sparkly,

As beautiful, sparkly, meditative, and fun as your folly is, the best part for me was HEARING YOUR VOICE!!! What a pleasant surprise! It made my morning and will go in my Joy Jar tonight :-) Thanks for throwing this challenge our way and for your friendship.

HI Janet, I love your folly!

HI Janet, I love your folly! It is so pretty with the sparkly rivolli in the middle and the paint job to look like an old Model T wheel. The idea of putting it on something so you can spin it is genius. Not to sound cheesy but, it was also nice to hear your voice. Now when I read your post or emails I will hear your voice. Thank you for including me in on this very challenging challenge I had fun creating with the wheel.Therese

Janet, I love your sparkly

Janet, I love your sparkly wheel and beautiful bead work! The video showing your crafty engineering skills is wonderful and it is so nice to hear your voice! It would but great to have on my desk at work, to spin the stress away!Thank you so much for hosting such a creative challenge and thank you for including me in with these inspiring and creative women! I had a "wheely" fun time!!!

Ooooh, I've never heard of a

Ooooh, I've never heard of a spinny thing like that called a folly. I would usually just call it a spinner or a fidget toy or something like that. I love how much out of the box you thought with this. The sparkly crystal is really beautifully done and I can't wait to see some of the other accents you add too it. What a super-cool idea though.Again, thank you so much for this challenge. You know how much I love working with unusual materials and this was no exception! It was wheely fun indeed! :)

Beautiful little design,

Beautiful little design, Janet! I also had never heard of a "folly"... I think I NEED this so I can stop doodling while on the phone LOLI didn't see any tutorials on your Youtube channel... have you considered doing any? You have a great voice for this IMHO :)

Dazzled by your clever

Dazzled by your clever design! And I love that your crystal folly emits little sparks - just the thing to boost creativity and zap stress!

Not only is this desk art,

Not only is this desk art, but shiny desk art! Love the base you used - how ingenious! Oh yes - love the video - it showed how sparkly this is! All you lovely ladies amaze me with your creativity!

Everybody created truly

Everybody created truly dazzling pieces - not all jewelry, but all fun to watch, fun to touch, too, I bet! Love yours too ~ all sparkly and fun.

Hi Janet, what a fun idea you

Hi Janet, what a fun idea you had. I like what you created. Now you have my wheels turning with a couple of new ideas.

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