What's Your Name, Dahling?

July 19, 2010

The naming of our shops can be lots of fun or a decision that causes more torment than naming our child or pet. We want it to be memorable, one that represents our shop's offerings, and is just plain perfect. Once picked you know it's best to never change it.  After all that becomes your brand or way folks remember you. 

Case in point regarding branding:  I was fortunate to have a client on vacation from the San Francisco Bay Area come up to my remote area on the Olympic Peninsula and attend an art show to find me at my booth and exclaim "I wondered what happened to you!  I bought that necklace set from you a couple years ago in Santa Cruz!"  Don't you love it?

I often have wondered where some shop names come from...Lois, of FoxyGKnits, is pulling down the covers on several EtsyTwitter Team members' shop names and exposing their origins.  Some are darn amusing...  Read her post and out of curiousity, what are the most interesting shop names you've come across?

Note:  Graphics for my logo were provided by John Roshell, graphics artist extraordinaire.  He also happens to be my cousin.  It's all in the family.