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handknit shawl

Marionberry Shadow Shawl

(pattern: by Fairmount Fibers Design Team)


With cooler weather and early nights my thoughts are of cozying up with something to knit and a good show to watch with my husband.  The last couple of months he's been binging on whatever he can find as far as sports:  Basketball in the Bubble in Florida is now in the finals, baseball is now in the playoffs (with his favorite team the A's still in contention!,) golf, and football which is his favorite is a few weeks in.  I guess for a sports fan it's pretty good despite the asterick that will likely be attached to the basketball and baseball champions.  My husband believes in fairness so with the Astros in the playoffs he's hoping the A's knock them out or better yet the Dodgers beat them in the Series.  I guess I am paying attention a little!  lol!

I normally will watch some, but this year I haven't been interested.  I'd rather lose myself in a British Mystery on Acorn or BritBox.  Heading to bed early to read is also an option I've taken a lot this year.  Either will get my mind off the day's stuff and ease myself into sleep.

The shawl above I finished last winter and is in a color combination that makes me think of a juicy warm cobbler.  It's a warm one and could be used easily as a little something on the lap or shoulders while you continue to spend more time in the shelter of your home.  Once we're free to move outside our cabin this is one you'll reach for as a comfort and for style.


"I think everybody has something that takes them away or makes them happier. To some people it's baseball or sports or knitting or the movies." Sutton Foster


Acorn, etc.

Janet, the colors in that shawl are absolutely beautiful. They definitely remind one of Fall, Winter, and some sort of spiced (and spiked!) cider!

By the way, Julie and I have been watching "A Place To Call Home" on Acorn. I would highly recommend it.

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