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For the first 6-7 years of marriage, when someone would call in the evening and ask my husband what I was doing he'd say "not sure, but I think she's knittin'."

The funny thing was I had no idea how to knit. He just called anything I was doing, whether it be beading, crocheting, counted cross-stitch, embroidery...: "knittin'."  I always found it endearing and such a guy thing to not even have a clue to what I was doing!  He only cared that I was happy doing it. It wasn't til we moved to Vancouver, Washington that knitting became my main hobby. I fell in love with the yarn shops in the area and it was the perfect thing to do during those looooonnng rainy days and long dark nights. I met some lovely ladies at a very cool yarn shop in Portland and we'd meet once a week to ask questions and just share our lives.  My very first project was this Alice Starmore celtic knot pattern in one of my favorite colors:  purple!

The lady that helped me pick out the pattern told me that I should pick something I really wanted to make and not to worry about what I perceived as difficult.  Well, I really like cabling and Alice's patterns so with her assuring me that if I really wanted it I'd learn all I needed... this sweater was on my back by that first winter's end.  It really was a gift she gave me, as I learned how to read patterns and not be afraid to start anything.  

This past week I finished a sweater for my husband and the lace shoulder one at the top of this for me.  I love the way they came out.  Mine is made from an organic cotton that is extremely soft.  The sleeves are lacy like the yoke.  It's going to look awesome in the evening on the deck of our cruise ship next month.  Don't you think?!

    The gansey style sweater I completed for my husband was not a surprise, per se, in that he saw me working on it all summer, but the fiber I used was.  He and I have pretty much switched to eating grass-fed bison when we want red meat.  Not only do we love the taste of it, but with lower fat than turkey - we don't feel guilty about it.  Surprisingly, the fiber they make from buffalo (bison) is extremely soft.  It's not quite cashmere, but not too far off either.  I knew he'd get a kick out of it.  Although he did ask if he was going to look or smell like a buffalo.  Men! Now what shall I start next?  I'll need to have some project to do on our balcony...


*Teehee*....Tell your hubby

*Teehee*....Tell your hubby that even if he does smell like a buffalo, he's gonna look GOOOOOOD!! And so will you in the one you made for yourself!! I knit too, but nowadays only crochet, and I'm telling you...YOU'RE GOOD!!! :-)

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