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If you've been reading my blog, you'll recognize the stones I used in my latest pendant and earrings from a previous blog entry showing some of my purchases at a show. I fell in love with the unusual non-natural stone called Leland Bluestone.

Leland Blue is blue glass that mixed with borax and other chemiicals, a waste product called slag, from iron foundries in the 1800s near Leland, MI on Lake Michigan. Now, I'm a strong advocate against dumping anything in any waterway, because who's to say how many fish, plants, mammals died early on to make this stuff. Sadly, I suspect many, but that's sort of the point of me creating a piece of jewelry out of it. Maybe it starts a conversation...

Why is my whale pendant wearing a smile? (Natural in the stone, by the way) - (SOLD)
Recently the NRDC announced their continued stewardship of the planet's last pristine birthing ground for gray whales at Laguna San Ignacio off the Baja California Peninsula, Mexico. Ten years ago they and their partners won the fight to save the sanctuary from Mitsubishi Corporation's plan to create a huge salt factory (3X the size of WA DC!) in the lagoon. I celebrate the 10 year anniversary of this wonderful win and support their continued campaign to protect the gray whales' birthing spot. As Joel Reynolds, director of NRDC's Marrine Mammal Protection Project, said "It was one of the most significant environmental victories of our generation, not just for the whales but for the message of environmental hope it sent around the world."
Whale Bubbles (SOLD) - earrings to coordinate with the whale pendant/necklace.

Whoever wears these fun and pretty pieces has a chance to tell its story... or not, but they can always feel good that they are made from recycled silver and repurposed slag! But more importantly, in my mind, Smile! They represent the fact that each one of us matters. We are making a difference, a real difference in saving and protecting our planet.

Jewelry to start a conversation.


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