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Now that I'm on Vicki's backlog list for one of her scrumptiously wonderful nests, I'll share her with you.  I know that's probably very selfish of me, but who knows how long that list is going to get after you see them, too??

One of the artist blogs I found via One World One Heart was Vicki of 2 Bags Full.  Her blog was so beautiful that I found myself scrolling and clicking and admiring her fiber work as well as her garden and travel photographs.  I normally dislike blogs that have music, but her play list is reflective of her work and so is beautifully lyrical and calming.  When I saw her gorgeous fiber art nests I fell in love. 

She takes care in making her seasonal nests and has a lot of admirers worldwide, as you can imagine, so expect to wait.  Watching the birds, I think that's part of the process.

"To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird’s nest or a wildflower in spring – these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”~John Burroughs


Ummm, I think I need the

Ummm, I think I need the paramedics!! I LOVE everything BIRDS!! I used to have 8 birds at one time . . . I'm convinced now that we were separated at birth, haha! Lucky, lucky you.

thanks girlfriend for sharing

thanks girlfriend for sharing the photo - you are the best! (And you ARE on the list!)Vicki

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