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For those that follow me regularly you've already met my chocolate angel, Christine.  She's the talent behind One Kiss Creations and the mastermind of the Vintage Wooden Spool Blog Hop Challenge.
Christine is calling it a rolling blog hop, because the participants will be posting on different dates based on when they're ready.  That's a nice low stress jewelry component challenge!
For this challenge, Christine generously sent me these goodies:
The only required component we had to use was at least one of the vintage wooden spools she'd found on an antiquing jaunt.  Although I've got some ideas for the two dagger stone beads, they're going to have to wait for a little longer.  I love the white stone beads and may just string them simply, but I'm waiting to see if something more inspired happens.  I think I'll be using the spools again, too, because I really love the texture and warmth created with the fiber wire as you'll see below.

Quilter's Artisan Necklace - Lampwork, wooden spool

Sewing Talisman Necklace

Lampwork by Wee Gems

Vintage Wooden Spool

Wooly Wire

Sterling Silver rose bud

Now I understand how my Mom has felt when one finds "vintage" or "antique" items that one grew up with at an antique store.  Jeesh!
My Mom sewed all of my clothes growing up.  I had the most beautiful Christmas and Easter dresses each year.  I had matching top and short sets in the summer.  Until I think I was in 7th grade we had to wear dresses so I loved having my special ones, especially the sailor and smocked ones.  I inherited her wooden spools of thread and now maybe I know what to do with them!
I've been hoarding a lampwork bead for some time from Wee Gems that was made on a metal sewing bobbin.  It's definitely unique, because I've never seen one since.  How could it not be part of this special necklace?  With some designing on paper and fiddling with my stash I figured out what I was going to do and couldn't wait to finish it.
The first thing I did was take Mod Podge, a decoupage glue, and put several layers of it on the ends of the spool so as to save what was left of the thread labels.

Wooden Spool Necklace

Vintage Mother of Pearl buttons

Sterling Silver wirework hook clasp

The pendant made from the wooden spool and bobbin lampwork freely slide on the chain.  The beautiful sterling silver rosebud acts as a stopper at the end.
Vintage Mother of Pearl buttons end with one of my wire-wrapped sterling silver clasps that purposely resembles a hook from a hook and eye sewing clasp.
I even thought the chain looked like the linked thread that comes out of a sewing machine.  I'm not a sewer though so that could just be my imagination.
Multiple Length Artisan Necklace
The hook and chain allows this necklace to be worn at multiple lengths just by hooking into the chain at various spots.
Note:  I would've preferred to call this a Sewer's Talisman Necklace, but if other non-sewers like my husband happened to see the title they apparently would first think of the stinky sewer rather than the more creative sewer.
Thank you so much, Christine, for including me in your hop!  My bobbin lampwork bead finally found the perfect home and I was able to honor my Mom in the process.

Here are links to the other participants, but since this is a rolling blog you'll have to check in with them from time to time to see when they post.  Christine, as host, will be letting you know when one of us posts for this challenge.  I will also do my best to let you know, but I think you might want to check out these blogs any way!


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What a Beauty! In every way.

What a Beauty! In every way. The soft pastel colors you used, the fibers and the silver, the creative hook to allow the various looks, the soft femininity...the buttons...that Lampwork Bobbin!!! How do you always have just the right component?! You continue to keep me delightfully amazed, My Friend. This is a truly gorgeous and very wearable necklace. Thank you so much for your willingness to be involved with this Hop and for sharing your vision with us all on a daily basis. (and for sharing the "sewer" humor)

You did a beautiful job! I

You did a beautiful job! I love the bobbin unique! Really like the idea of different lengths too. I had better get busy!

LOVE this Janet! It works

LOVE this Janet! It works together so well with the bobbin, spool and buttons!! I love the creativity you put into this design - just fabulous!

I think we shared the same

I think we shared the same childhood. Oh, those matching short sets of summer. Did you have dresses with set-in, puffed sleeves? The hours our mothers spent at their sewing machines!!We get to devote ourselves to fun creative pursuits and I just love how you combined these vintage elements into such a personal and versatile piece...and a sweet remembrance of your mom and the memories she gave you!

Hi Janet,Your design is

Hi Janet,Your design is beautiful. I like that you can wear in different ways. That is one cute bobbin bead and the fiber you used goes well with the color of the bobbin bead. The chain does look like the thread that would come off of a serger, so no you did not imagine it. Have fun wearing this one and I look forward to seeing what you do with the rest at random times in the future.Therese

GAH! There's so much I love

GAH! There's so much I love about what you created here. The bobbin bead was such a great score and is perfect for this necklace. I wish I had thought to seal the paper on the ends as in my fiddling with the spools, most of it came off. Oh well. Lastly, the addition of the buttons is great and is kinda similar to what I've done with one of my spools (am I saying too much!?) ;) All in all, the romantic feel of the piece is lovely!

What a beautiful necklace! I

What a beautiful necklace! I love how all the components came together for this theme...the bobbin bead, the buttons and the spool! Love the colors too!

What a beautiful necklace! I

What a beautiful necklace! I love how all the components came together for this theme...the bobbin bead, the buttons and the spool! Love the colors too!

I was so wondering what

I was so wondering what everyone was going to create with these spools! THIS IS SO COOL! So appropriate for a seamstress! Beautiful job!

What a great blog!

What a great blog! Discovering you lived in Sandpoint was a plus. I live a few hours away, south of Spokane. Next year I may go see the draft horse show, I just found out about it. Your jewelry is lovely! From all the different fabulous earrings to the salmon bracelet and beyond, it's just wonderful. You definitely scored a winner with your spool. I especially like the many ways of wearing the chain. I do love long and dangly.

I LOVE what you did with this

I LOVE what you did with this - how very creative. Beautiful.

That is really gorgeous. I

That is really gorgeous. I love that you made a lariat and it has so many different looks. The bobbin bead is just so perfect! And don't get me started on the buttons. :) It is just a wonderful piece.

Such a beautiful necklace! I

Such a beautiful necklace! I really enjoy how you used the spool. This is my first time stopping by your blog that I can recall and do like your work. Have a great week ;)

I'm just blown away by what

I'm just blown away by what everyone is creating with these spools. So very different, and all beautiful! I love the soft feminine feel of this necklace, and I got so excited when I saw the wooly wire on there, cause I have some! I also have a stunning lampwork bobbin similar to that one,made by Lea Avroch. That chain is just brilliant, I love how versatile it is!

Your necklace is beautiful

Your necklace is beautiful Janet. I have seen the bobbins with polymer clay in them. I have a couple of bobbins set aside to try that. The bobbin looks great with the thread spool.

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