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I was thinking of writing a post about memories I have of Valentine's Days past or at least pre-marriage.  I don't remember any particular one except as a group memory of those in elementary school where we'd have a party and exchange Valentine's.  I remember my Mom buying me enough to hand out to the whole class.  We'd have cupcakes and candy in the afternoon.  Those were innocent times.

Oh I do remember one in 7th or 8th grade where I got my first Valentine from a guy.  I remember looking over at him after opening it and feeling shy and blushing.. and maybe a little embarrassed.

Valentine's Day now with my husband is an excuse for a date night where we have a nice dinner out.  It's comfortable and warm and safe.  We avoid "the" day so we can have a relaxed one.  Almost every year he makes an excuse to go out during the day (we both work from home) and bring me back flowers and a card.  That always makes me feel more gooey inside than the years he's bought expensive chocolates.  I can't explain it nor do I understand it.

We're not apart often, but when we are, I still get the heart pains when I see his smile and open arms.

Wishing everyone a Valentine's Day with the ones you love.  That includes those four legged friends.  Here's a link to a Valentine's post I did a few years back with my furry buddies.


I didn't realize he worked

I didn't realize he worked from nice. Our Valentine's Day is usually low key, and more often than not the kids came with us, lol!

low key is good

It's the way our new year's has gone, too. I used to like to dress up and go to the big hotel in the city, but now I know I'd just be tired by 9pm and wishing I could go to bed. :-)

Valentine's Day sounds like a

Valentine's Day sounds like a sweet place in your house, but it seems that such close love it there and celebrated every day <3
Your necklace is such a gently beauty and your lovebug pups are adorable!


When we both started working from home we had to work out what was comfortable. Having our own space was required so that we could each listen to the music that inspires us. I know you get that!

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