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Harvest Time - Vintage grape motif buttons with peacock pearls and garnet crystals

Antiquing and thrift store shopping is something I've always loved to do.  My Mom loved going to the street fairs to find small items to decorate her house and I'd tag along.  I wasn't making jewelry back then, but I couldn't help picking up the old kitchen utensils and odd shaped things and wonder what they were used for "back in the day."  If I could afford something interesting I'd buy it in dreams of decorating my future home.


Blackbeard's Treasure (SOLD) - Vintage French Enameled button with steel-cuts on Aventurine donut

I still love to go to antique shows, but now I tend to buy small items that I can use in my jewelry.  My husband doesn't like "patina" or worm holes in furniture.  The things you do or give up for love!

Finding other crafters and artists that use vintage materials and create homespun looks is lots of fun on ArtFire.  There seem to be a fairly good number there.  

A blog I like to follow is one that features suppliers of craft items called Artists and Crafters Supply.  They do features of artists, too, that are worth checking out.

One of the ArtFire shop owners that writes for the blog is Homespun Alley.  The shop reminds me of an old-fashioned five and dime variety store.  This gorgeous crocheted lace collar caught my eye:

Vintage crocheted lace collar

The craftsmanship and beauty of items of yore are worth preserving and using today even if in different ways.  It's my favorite way of being green.


Blog hopping here to see what

Blog hopping here to see what the Blitz brought out!! I loved your Barcelona post and recommended it to my readers while steering them here!

those jewellery are stunning

those jewellery are stunning and the crocheted lace colar is just beautiful! i love vintage things and if only i could drive and own a car i'd probably go out alot and visit vintage fairs or craft fairs and antiquing and thrifting alot to see if they have small items and of course with low prices hehe to add in my home, but oh well...for now i can only dreams and make notes or scrapbook of what i wanted from magazines etc ..just for now :)thanks for dropping by my blog.susan

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