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Although there was so much about ArtFire that I loved as an online venue for my jewelry I've decided to focus on my Etsy shop.  My ArtFire shop will be closing as soon as I can disengage some time today.
It seems the Google shopping engine doesn't like you to have pieces shown in two places so I was essentially reducing my chances of coming up in a search any way.
When I first started online I had my own Yahoo! shop on my own website, but that was before Google really became the main search engine and before I had a blog.  I may return to hosting my own shop some day, but for now Etsy continues to be the premier online handmade marketplace.  In fact folks that are just getting in to online shopping are just discovering it and the joys of having something unique and not mass produced.
To take a look at what's new and check out my Etsy shop, click on the graphic below:
You can also shop from your tablet and mobile phone on Etsy.  There's an App for that!
Update February 2, 2015:  I also am selling direct now from my own website.


Google is one reason I've not

Google is one reason I've not opened a shop anywhere else. That duplicate content throws it for loops and ends up hurting you in the end (as you pointed out). I agree that Etsy rocks :)

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