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Winged Angel cloud

What do you see?  I see a couple of different thingsdepending on the angle.

Monday night's greatly anticipated Lyrid meteor shower was a bust for me!  The fog that cools off our nights came in early so I knew by dinner that I needn't bother to stay up or look up.
I've loved astronomy as long as I can remember.  It started with my Dad and I laying out on the grass at night and looking at the stars.  He'd point out the big dipper and how it led to the north star.  He would tell me he was seeing shooting stars, but I'd turn my head quickly to follow his finger and never caught one that I can remember.  I have been fortunate to see many a meteor shower though in the last few years.  
It's not just the night skies either.  I grew up back east where we'd get these lovely white clouds drifting across the sky forming and transforming into animals and such.  They don't happen quite as much along the California coast, but Washington state and especially Idaho have them.

Dinosaur cloud

How about this one?

Do you look up to stargaze or find cloud formations?
There's still a chance to see flaming fireballs in the sky this week!  According to NASA this Spring time week is HOT!


I am just amazed with

I am just amazed with astronomy, but feel it is so far above me... oops, pardon the pun... that I will never learn anything. so, I just enjoy.I also "enjoy" your site.Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

very cool! I can remember

very cool! I can remember sitting out on the lawn and looking up at the stars each night with my sister. I loved that. And we did have puffs of clouds growing up in Oregon ... CA is more sort of thin covering cloud "schemers"

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