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By the time we reach 35 most of us are affected by cancer in some way. For me it was starting to hear about friends around my age getting diagnosed with breast cancer. For some reason in my circle of family and friends it's been almost exclusively women that have heard that dreaded "C" word. It wasn't until I reached 50, however, that I actually started fearing it. I am a worrier by nature, unfortunately. I lost my Grandmother O to pancreatic cancer, my Great Aunt Catherine to ovarian cancer, and my Aunt Nancy to mulitple myeloma. They were all diagnosed within 6 months of their passing. It sounds like a train getting closer and closer.

For family and friends dealing with cancer we want to be there to help and be their cheerleaders. We can help lift them up when they're feeling down. We can support their beliefs and faith and choices. But sometimes we just feel helpless.I am someone that wants to be in control. Yeah... right... Fortunately I am healthy, able to exercise and have the means to eat well. Mentally, though, I needed to do something that perhaps prevents cancer or provides better therapies. I also want to honor the women in my life that are cancer survivors, those that are still fighting through therapy, and those that live on in my memories.


My maternal late Great Aunt Catherine and late Aunt Nancy loved jewelry as much as I do. I learned for the first time in visiting my Great Aunt after her diagnosis that she took some metalsmithing and lapidary classes in her retirement. This connection felt so important, although we were sad the knowledge came so late. I cherish the pendant (above) she gave me the last day I was with her. My Aunt Nancy was one of my biggest fans. She came to every local show and always bought one of my one of a kind necklaces and sometimes gifts for her daughter-in-laws. She toted my business cards around and handed them out to anyone that admired what she was wearing.


An idea was forming! I inherited alot of costume and handcrafted vintage jewelry from my maternal side. I selected pieces for myself, will take some apart and use in future designs, and have decided to sell pieces that I think have more value as they are to benefit a cancer charity.50% of these Jewelry Trunk Finds sales will go to the "A" rated Cancer Research Institute.  The A rating was given by the American Institute of Philanthropy, the toughest charity watchdog organization. The items are not made by me, so I am only listing them in my Trunk Finds ArtFire shop that I've created specifically for this purpose.Note: Most are vintage. Most of the earrings are clip-on style. All are sold as is, but I will note if I know of any problems with a piece. Check back often, as I'm going to be listing new items probably every week over the next 6 months.

Update 2/8/2015:  Special ArtFire shop is closed.


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